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A Passion for Glass
The Dan Klein & Alan J.Poole
Private Collection

Publisher:NMS Enterprises Limited
ISBN 13: 978 1 905267 83 5
Pages: 300
Illustrations: colour:300
Price: $49.95
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The astonishingly diverse British and Irish post-war glass is world-renown as, increasingly, glass attracts the museum public, private collectors and art historians.

Here are 300 color illustrations of dazzling modern glass works by 100 artists. Included are pieces by Sam Herman, who pioneered the lost wax technique on the kilm to create cast glass, Catherine Coleman, with her innovative glass engraving, along with such glass artists and sculptors Alison Kinnaird, Colin Reid, Karl Herron, David Reekie, Tessa Clegg, Steven Newell, Karen Akester, and Gareth Noel Williams. Their works are in collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Corning Museum of Glass and in museums across Europe and America.

From the collection of Alan J. Poole and Dan Klein, which started in the late 1970s, it was given to the National Museums of Scotland. Klein was one of the first people to collect and write about the category, and has held directorships at Christie's auction house and was Professor of Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland. Together with Alan J.Poole, their company long has promoted contemporary glass and educated the public and artists. Glass has come a long way from its antecedents in 3500 in Mesopotamia, Syria and Ancient Egypt.


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