Hebrides Cover

A Swedish Field Trip to the Outer Hebrides, 1934
Compiled and edited by Alexander Fenton with Mark A Mulhern

Publisher: NMSE - Publishing Ltd.
ISBN 13: 978-1-905267-65-1
Pages: 128
Illustrations: 60 sepia photos, 43 sketches.
Price: $25.00
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A new, beautifully presented special interest title from Woodstocker: For the ethnographer and anthropologist interested in the study of people who live by the sea, this book will be fascinating. With finely drafted sketches of croft houses and interiors of houses of the Outer Hebrides, of boats and fields in the early 1930's, here is a full look at the life and culture of the period.

The book presents the diary and journal of Sven T. Kjellberg, director of Goteborgs Historiska Museum and Olof Hasslof, his assistant, who bicycled the area in 1934, recording what they found with pen and camera. They were interested in the similarities between the life of Swedish fishermen and those on the other side of the sea.

"How would you feel now, sharing living space with animals, mostly cattle, as was the case with the blackhouse? ... A typical family home over the centuries would have been the distinctive blackhouse, a low, stonewalled, thatched root dwelling that gave shelter to humans and animals alike... designed to cope with gales when they hurtled in from the Atlantic... no windows... light came from the smoke-hole and from the door if it was left open... and doors were rarely over five feet high and of wood or hide.. stretched on a wooden frame.... A wonderful illustration of a life that has virtually disappeared." -Scottish Life magazine

The book was published in association with the European Ethnological Research Centre and the National Museums of Scotland.

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