Northern Lights Cover

Northern Lights
The Age of Scottish Lighthouses
By Alison Morrison-Low

Publisher: NMS Enterprises Limited
ISBN 10: 978-1905267-47-7
Illustrations: 100 color and black-and-white images
Size: 9 1/8" x 7 1/2"
Price: $24.95

In a time when lighthouse technology is so advanced, there is a great deal of nostalgia for the lore (and different kind of engineering ) that went into the building of the traditional lighthouse. This fully-illustrated book adds to the treasure trove of information collected by lighthouse aficionados. It tells the story of Scotland's lighthouses through objects, charts and photographs and was published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the world's oldest rock lighthouse, on the Bell Rock or Inchcape Reef, off the east coast of Scotland (completed in February, 1811).

    The National Museums Scotland's pre-eminent collection of sea-marking material is shown here - materials drawn from the Northern Lighthouse Board, the authority that maintains seamarks in Scotland and the Isle of Man. However, this is only part of the story. The family of Engineers to the Board, the family of Robert Louis Stevenson, has also ensured that many items have been placed in the care of the Museum, and thus are accessible to the public. These historic items relate to the building of the earlier Eddystone Lighthouse, located in the English Channel (items also held by NMS).

    Luckily, there were artists alone in their promontories in the seas around Scotland. The oil painting of the "Bell Rock Lighthouse during a storm for the Northeast" on the book's cover was originally painted on metal during the winter of 1820 by A, Macdonald during his 36-day residence there.

Dr. Alison Morrison-Low is Principal Curator, History of Scientific Instruments and Photography, Department of Science and Technology, National Museums Scotland

Book Review

"...a comprehensive and wonderfully eclectic review of Scotland's lighthouses. Author Alison Morrison-Low, the Principal Curator of Science at the National Museums Scotland, presents lighthouse aficionados with a treasure trove of information, ranging from the history of Scottish lighthouses and their construction, to equipment, optics, personalities and curiosities, all lavishly supplemented by fascinating paintings, diagrams and illustrations."

-Scottish Life Magazine

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