Reconstructions Cover

By Klaus Staubermann and contributors

Publisher: NMS Enterprises Ltd.
ISBN 13: 978-1-905267-48-4
Pages: 276
Illustrations: 137 black and white photographs and diagrams, 6 color photographs
Price: $29.95
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Historic reconstructions have become a decisive tool in today's technology and in our understanding of the history of science. This unique volume brings together key studies of recently completed reconstruction projects and processes -- in which international experts in each field had a hand in their re-making. Included are three Americans -- Elizabeth Cavicchi on the Page spiral, James Rizzo, on Stirling Engines, and Mark Osterman, on Wet Collodion Photography. The experts reconstruct Romans dying procedures, the Sea Stallion of Glendalough Viking Ship, Vermeer's camera, the Babbage Calculating Machine and Leonardo's 'Flight,' among other instruments.

    The projects involved such diverse scientific fields as physics, computing, horology, communication, transport and the military -- and the processes in the 'experiments' include smelting, dyeing, metal-working, riveting and welding, as well as sailing and flying. Each contributor offers ideas on the cultures and traditions that were used in the manufacture of their particular artifact. Some of the projects failed before they worked, which make them even more interesting. The book is the result of an important scientific workshop held at the National Museums Scotland.

See detailed review in Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society No. 111.

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